Entry #1

Just submitted my first game...

2008-01-21 04:22:48 by peterinns

...and it's quite a nervey feeling, waiting to see what you all think of it. The game was actually written by my good friend Manic Man with design input from me, but it's my "baby" really and so I have to take the risk for showcasing it here in NG. I hope it doesn't take too much of a beating from all you good Grounders out there... it is just meant to provide a few minutes of mindless frantic fun, it's not meant to be viewed as being anything like a challenging or intellectual game, coz clearly it's not! :-)


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2008-01-21 07:54:18

Heh, always nice with a quality first submission for a change. Simple and addicting. I'll leave a review. Hope you make for flash games!